Tip of the Day: Build Your Author Brand!

Many authors are focused just on things that are right behind the corner. A new release, a new project, a new promo.

Successful business stories rely on PEOPLE. If you want to be a successful self-publisher, the first thing you should be working on is your author’s brand. If you are only focused on your book and treat it as your baby, you’ll end up losing money. Babies do cost money, so to speak!

Before creating social media profiles and pages, you just have to ask yourself these questions:

1. What my author brand will represent?
2. Which values I’m about to deliver and live
3. What I want my readers to know about me – what’s my path? (so they can decide to follow it …)

Self-publishing efforts that are focused on only one book or a series, will meet big challenges when your sales rank starts dropping. Eventually, it will. So what’s your brand’s answer to this? Depression? Begging for reviews?

People buy books from authors that are considered very talented, successful or very special for thinking out of the box. They don’t buy things that smell as a failure.

Building a brand comes in the first place. Marketing and sales efforts should follow.

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Jo Lajko

I've spent 10+ years in book marketing and sales, working for traditional publishers and 6-figures authors. At the end of 2017. I decided to accept new challenges and pursue a career as an independent marketing consultant and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) developer.

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