My background in sales has helped me realise many things; not least that for indie authors, promoting and selling books can be a major challenge. However, self-publishing is an industry which has grown quickly over the past decade, with around 25% of all new books being self-published. Engaging in self-publishing can be highly rewarding – after working for months or even years on your book, you can finally see your work appearing on bookshelves… and there’s no doubt that this is the first major goal which every writer wishes to achieve! Despite this, if you plan to sell your books online (and thus in the largest bookstores in the world), you need to understand that you may be taking a step into the unknown.

After all, books don’t sell themselves! Amazon, especially, is a competitive and crowded marketplace; over 4,000 books are published daily on Amazon, and in order to hit the sales figures and get the visibility you want, you’re going to need to seek the assistance of professionals who can help you with your sales strategy.

The first step? You need to acquire the mindset of a salesperson.

And I can help you with that!

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