50 Habits of Highly Successful Authors

Is your dream to be a successful author? Do you have a burning need to be up there with Brown, Archer, or King, however, what price are you willing to pay? You may be lucky, and your first book could be a medium-size success, however, the odds are you’ll be laboring at it for a substantial length of time before success knocks at your door.

The measure of work you put into your discipline will direct how successful you will be as a full-fledged tradesman, a successful author.

This book will guide you through the best habits of highly successful authors and it’s based on actual collaboration with them.

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About the author

Jo Lajko

I've spent 10+ years in book marketing and sales, working for traditional publishers and 6-figures authors. At the end of 2017. I decided to accept new challenges and pursue a career as an independent marketing consultant and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) developer.

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